Here’s what’s new in iOS 13.1 beta 1

Apple surprised us all today by releasing iOS 13.1 beta 1 instead of iOS 13 beta 9. We’ve had a look at what’s new so far.

The volume indicator now has an AirPods symbol when they are in use.

Automations are back in the Shortcuts featur, this allows you to create personal home automations from the Shortcuts app to have specific actions performed when specific conditions or times occur.

HomeKit has much more detailed icons.

TestFlight apps now have bright yellow dot next to them instead of orange.

Share ETA has returned to the Maps app, allowing users to share their estimated time of arrival with a friend or family member.

In the Apple Watch app on iPhone, Display & Text Size has been renamed to Display & Brightness.

When you haptic touch on settings the battery indicator is now filled Credit mahnim

New health app layout.

New bedtime screen in the clock app.