Here’s what to do if installed tweaks are not showing up in settings

There are several posts from jailbreak users where they are experiencing tweaks not working/showing up after successfully jailbreaking. Here is a guide that works for most people Credits reddit user u/opa334

1. Install Filza from and open it

2. Navigate to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibrarìes

3. Click on edit, select all files and click move

4. Navigate to /usr/lib/Tweaklnject

5. Paste the files

6. Go back to /Library/MobileSubstrate

7. Delete the folder DynamicLibraries

8. Click on Edit -> More -> Symbolic Link

9. Navigate to /usr/lib/ and select the Tweaklnject folder

10. Rename the Tweaklnject symlink (in /Library/MobileSubstrate) to DynamicLibraries

11. Re-install Tweak Injector and PreferenceLoader in Cydia

12. Respring

13. Tweaks should be working correctly now. If not, consider rebooting and re-jailbreaking.