Here’s what we are expecting at Google’s Pixel event

The Google Pixel 4a has finally been confirmed in a YouTube review video by popular tech reviewer MKBHD, the Pixel 4a comes in a stunning all in one body plastic design and available in one colour called “Just Black” with a light green power button. The specs for this new phone is as follows:

– 6GB Ram

– 128GB Storage

– Snapdragon 730G

– 5.81” 1080p OLED Display 60Htz

– 3140mAH Battery

– 12.2MP (F/1.7)

– 8MP (F/2) 84° FOV Front Camera with Nightsight

– Headphone Jack

– Finger print reader on the back

– Upto 4K 30FPS, 1080p 120FPS

– Pixel 4a 5G with Pixel 5 fall launch, $499

-Availability: U.S, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austrailia, Japan, Canada

The Pixel 4a starts at $349(US) £349 (UK) which comes in cheaper than Apple’s iPhone SE 2020 at $399.

We heard rumours of a 5G version of the 4a and Google confirmed this will be available later in the fall priced $499 and will not be available until the fall. You can join the Waiting list from the Google Store now.