Here’s why Fortnite Vs Google may not hold ground

Epic has been all over the news since they decided to take on Google over their charge of 30% fee for in-app purchases. Epic who owns Fortnite decided to update their game giving users the ability to purchase in-app credit called V-bucks directly from Epic without the 30% charge. Epic knew that this move was against Google’s TOS.

Google responded by removing the app from the Play Store but allowing those who have already downloaded the app to continue to use the game and Epic’s new in-app purchase option. Epic knew Google would remove the App and had a lawsuit ready to go as soon as they were removed.

Unfortunately Epic may not win this argument as they are accusing Google of being monopolistic yet unlike on iOS there are plenty of third party App Stores available for Android where Epic could host their game. Google can argue that they have a right to charge the 30% as their fee for processing payments which Epic agreed to when submitting their game to the Play store which forbids any other payment method. Epic is free to choose from plenty of other third party AppStores and from there they can choose to use which ever payment method they choose. Only time will tell how this will play out but it’s safe to say that this will go on for some time.