Hive may be coming to HomeKit this year

Smart homes being the everyday norm is still a long way off, however, more and more homeowners are installing services such as Hive or Nest mainly because they can see the benefits both financially and the convenience.

Currently, so many smart home products are fragmented and users are faced with having several different apps to control their products. Both Apple and Google do have one main app for controlling smart home products, however, not all products are compatible.

Hive is a popular choice for users in the UK when it comes to controlling their heating and a recent post on a Hive forum seems to point to Hive being compatible with HomeKit in 2019.

In a forum post, a user asks when HomeKit support will be available and the response is ”We are very aware that you and the rest of our loyal customers have been waiting a long time for us to become compatible with Apple HomeKit. “We have been working really hard in the background to make this happen and we’re really pleased to say we are committing to delivering this in 2019!”

This is obviously not a guarantee but its certainly more than the company has stated publicly. In the meantime Hive, owners can use theseSiri shortcuts to control their heating.