Hold yourself and your friends accountable for phone use with Goldilocks

Whilst Apple did a good job with screen time, there is still plenty more that can be done to help reduce screen time usage. Goldilocks takes this to the next level by creating habits with your friends and family and holding each other accountable and even competing.

Whether your goal is to pick up your phone a bit less often, or a full digital detox, Goldilocks can help. Goldilocks will automatically detect your daily screen time and phone pickups, and will give you reminders and feedback throughout the day.

And by adding your friends and family to Goldilocks, you can improve alongside a community of supporters. Share your daily phone use, encourage your friends, and feel accountable.

App Features:

– Detect the number of times, and how frequently, you pick up your phone

– Detect your hours and minutes of screen time

– Set a daily pickup goal, and get feedback and reminders throughout the day

– Easily add friends, family, and accountability partners to the app with a “magic link”

– See your friends’ live daily phone use, and cheer them on to build better habits together

– Share your live daily phone use, and be held accountable and encouraged

Download Goldilocks free from here.