How Apple and their partnership helped me start running

So for the past eight years I started paying attention to my everyday health. Up until this point I was overweight and under active, then one day I started making a change to my everyday life and started getting healthier.

Now eight years on I’ve done like most people do, I’ve eaten healthy lost weight then put some on then loose it again. One thing I’ve never done since I was a child was run.

I have always hated the thought of running and every time I’ve tried running I’ve failed miserably. I’m now on my third Apple Watch and I decided that I wanted to give running a go. I installed the Nike Run Club app and downloaded an audio coaching workout called first run.

This run guides you through a 20 minute run and encourages you to go easy and actually enjoy running. The app also has several follow on running coaching sessions which help you improve.

Since Apple has partnered with Nike the app is integrated into the Apple Watch making downloading the audio runs and matching music hassle free and works fantastically (I’ve only had one workout malfunction so far).

I have currently run a total of 36.5km and whilst that’s nothing major it’s a massive progress on someone who has never run, If you’ve never run but would like to start then check out the Nike Run Club (NRC) app.