How I got my passion back for my Apple Watch

I’ve owned an Apple Watch since December 2016, I have the series 2 42mm sport in space grey. I fell in love with it rather quickly and I hadn’t worn a watch since around 2005 after my G-Shock Watch got busted.

I used my watch daily for some time except when I was at work as I can’t wear one in Work. Slowly around July time 2017 I started to lose a bit of interest in most of the Watch features, I used it for the time and to check notifications instead of grabbing my phone but I lost interest a bit.

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I hurt my knee three years ago and I go through fazes with exercise as it plays me up so bad I can hardly walk some days. When Apple released wacthOS 4 beta I held off until almost towards the end and I was impressed with some of the new features I started to get my interest back but I was still missing my passion.

Now I’ve been a member of Facebook off and on since 2007 however I’ve used it almost daily as we link our articles there and towards the end of October 2017 I stumbled across a group of Apple Watch users in the U.K. which is huge as most groups tend to be based in other countries and having things in common can be hard due to language barriers and also Apple doesn’t always release all features in every country such as badges etc.

The fact that this group is based in the U.K. means I have more things in common and they have motivated me to also find other Apple Watch groups and motivates me to use my watch to its full extent again. If you own an Apple Watch and like me do not have many people local to you who owns one I highly recommend checking these groups out.