How to add a repo in Kodi

I’m often asked about Kodi and how to add repo’s so I have decided to write a quick how to guide.

For this tutorial I have decided use mettle kettle and UK Turk as my examples.

Step 1

Open Kodi / XBMC and Select SYSTEM File Manager

Step 2

Select add source and Select none

Step 3

Type in the repo EXACTLY as displayed in this case it is

Step 4

Select done

Step 5

Select enter a name for this media source and type in whichever name you want to use in this case Mettlekettle then Select Done then ok

Step 6

Go back to your home screen

Step 7

Go to SYSTEM > Settings

Step 8

Select Add on’s

Step 9

Select install from Zip File and select the repo you installed in this case Mettlekettle and select repository Mettlekettle.

Step 10

Wait for the add on enabled confirmation and Select Get Add-ons and then Select the repo in this case Mettlekettle repo add on

Step 11

Select video add on and click on the ones you want to add on (in this case We will use UK Turk)

Step 12

Select UK Turk Live Stream and Select Install

Step 13

Wait for Add-On Enabled Notification, UK Turk Live Stream Add-on is now installed.

Step 14

As usual the add-on now can be accessed via VIDEOS > Add-Ons

Step 15

Select UK Turk Live Stream from your home screen.