How to Change Amazon Account Country

Sometimes users want to change their country in their Amazon account, thankfully it’s possible to do this in a few steps which we’ve laid out below:

• From a computer, go to your Amazon Account at amazon’s website then log in.

• Once logged in, go to Account -> Manage Content and Devices. Amazon will prompt you to sign in before you can make changes to your account. (If you’re asked to login again, enter your username and password.)

• You’ll now be presented with a few options of your Account, click the Settings tab.

• On the settings screen, check which country your Amazon account is set to. Click the change button and then choose the Country you want to switch to, at this point you will be asked to complete an address form. You’ll need to enter a valid address here which can be obtained using google, once you input the address Amazon will validate it. You’ll also need a phone number. You can use a random number here.