How to connect AirPods to your iPhone

Apple released the AirPods in late December after several delayed weeks, the connection process is simple and quick, the AirPods will work with most devices that have bluetooth including Android devices however to take advantage of the W1 chip there is a list of iPhone’s which are considered compatible:

-iPhone 5 -iPhone 5c -iPhone 5s -iPhone SE -iPhone 6 -iPhone 6 Plus -iPhone 6s -iPhone 6s Plus -iPhone 7 -iPhone 7 Plus

If you have one of these devices on iOS 10.2 or later then the W1 chip, removes the old process of connecting, simple open the charging case close to your iPhone, you will then be prompted to connect and your all set.

Your iCloud account will be used to sync your pairing information so AirPods can be used with other Apple devices on the same iCloud account so there is no need for any additional pairing.

If you are on a lower firmware then fear not you can still connect:

1) Press the iPhone’s Home button to unlock it and get to your Home screen and ensure that Bluetooth is enabled.

2) Open the case with AirPods inside and hold it roughly six centimetres (2Inches) away from iPhone.

3) A setup animation should now play on iPhone so tap Connect.

5) Tap Done to finish setting up your AirPods.

Your All set, enjoy.

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