How to create a voice ringtone on iPhone

Setting a ringtone on the iPhone is pretty standard however creating your own can be a little more tricky however if you use our guide here you will be able to create one easily. Some users may want to create a ringtone which is more personal like a voice recording or similar thankfully this can be done easily using our guide.

1) Install GarageBand from here

2) Launch GarageBand and tap the + icon

3) Swipe until you come to Audio Recorder

4) Tap voice

5) Press the red record and proceed to record the audio you want to use

6) Once you have finished recording press the white downwards arrow on the top left and choose my song

7) Long press the your recording and then select share

8) Select ringtone

9) Name the ringtone whatever you want and click export

10) Once finished exporting you can either choose use as or click ok (for this guide we will select ok)

11) Close GarageBand and Go to settings > Sounds and haptics > ringtone

12) Choose your new recording

You can now enjoy your new ringtone, we hope you found this guide useful.

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