How to Delete all your Amazon voice data

Using the Amazon Echo for everyday life is a great way to start in the smart home market and one thing Amazon does is upload everything you say to Alexa to Amazon’s servers, one reason for this is for better AI learning and more. If you don’t like the idea of hundreds of voice recordings of things you’ve said to your speaker floating around on Amazon’s cloud, there are two ways to get rid of all those old recordings.

It is important to note that even after purging all the recordings, a new one will be added every time you speak to Alexa, with that being said below is a guide on how to clear your recordings which works for the Echo, Dot, Fire TV, Fire Tablet:

Option 1 Delete individual recordings

To delete specific recordings, go to the Amazon Echo app > Settings > History. You’ll see a list of all the requests you’ve made since setting up your Echo. To delete a recording, tap it, then tap Delete voice recordings.

Option 2 Delete everything

If you want a massive purge then you can delete all voice data in one fell swoop simply click here (UK users) or here (USA users), sign in, and click Your Devices.

Select Amazon Echo, then click Manage Voice Recordings.

You will be prompted with a message where you can click delete to confirm you want to delete everything (this cannot be undone).