How to Diminish Buffering in Kodi


How to Diminish Buffering

How to diminish buffering in Kodi is our next installment of Tasso’s Tips (first published in 10/15/16). First of all let me say there is no fix for buffering in Kodi, but there are ways to ease the amount of buffering. But before we begin, lets first understand what buffering is: (source)

What is Buffering? 

Preloading data into a reserved area of memory (the buffer). In streaming audio or video from the Internet, buffering refers to downloading a certain amount of data before starting to play the music or movie. Having an advance supply of audio samples or video frames in RAM at all times prevents disruption if there are momentary delays in transmission while the material is being played. Even a live broadcast would have a few seconds of delay built in.

Diminishing Buffering

Before we answer that question, we need to know what the cause is to understand the solution(s). Buffering will occur to every Kodi streamer in the world.

Who is at fault?

Question- is it the developers? Answer- No.

I will try to explain this to the best of my knowledge to best diminish Buffering in Kodi.

  1. STREAMING– When you stream it comes from a source which then goes to a server and then the server connects to the network, so if there are limitations then you’ll not get the best stream.

  2. STREAMING TIMES– As we all know the busiest time for streaming is going to be Saturday afternoon. (Football), but also times of the day of the week also have an impact on the source you are trying to stream from.

  3. WHERE DO YOU LIVE– Yes servers have physical locations and there are some places on this earth (unbelievably) that cannot connect to the source as good as others can so these could be impaired.

  4. INTERNET CONNECTION– Self-explanatory, no need to go into any detail here, the Higher the Better.

  5. HARDWARE– If streaming thru your Router, then that could very well be the cause as that might not have the strongest WiFi power. The device you are trying to stream from might be in the same predicament as the Router.

This is not Buffering

  1. ADD-ONS– When you click on an Add-on it connects to the website, then when you see the “Loading”-“Working” wheel/bar and it does not connect? This is NOT Buffering!

  2. PLAYBACK– Kodi will timeout after 30/60 seconds to tell you that whatever you are trying stream simply does not work.

  3. STUTTER– Could be down to the fact that the device/box you are using cannot handle the stream quality you are trying to view.

  4. SETTINGS– Well if you are a “Connoisseur” then go ahead, but you could really do yourself more DAMAGE than GOOD because this will not SOLVE Buffering issues.

Solutions to Diminish

  1. REBOOT– Reboot the Router and leave it for 5 minutes. *note, see the following Tasso’s Tips below for more information.

  2. SERVICES– You could always get a Paid Sub (subscription for IPTV) or pay for a Debrid Service, which should limit the Buffer.

  3. UPDATE– Earlier versions of Kodi might not be as efficient as the latest, so try to have the latest version of Kodi.

  4. Connection– Wireless or Ethernet? Speaks for itself, Ethernet (direct connection) is always going to be the best.


So here is a Bonus addition of Tasso’s Tips (first published 10/16/2016) that relates to this current tip.

Rebooting Your Internet Connection

As explained in Step 1. reboot to diminish buffering, we first need to understand what a reboot is. Reboots can be either “cold” (alternatively known as “hard“) where the power to the system is physically turned off and back on again, causing an initial boot of the machine. Or soft reboot is an action that uses software to restart a computer without removing the computer’s power. Also known as a soft boot.

If you are experiencing issues with buffering or a poor internet connection, you will want to start by rebooting your internet connection. Generally, this helps substantially and is recommended that you do so once per week.

  1. 1: Unplug the Electrical Source from both your Modem and Router.

  2. 2: Verify that no lights remain illuminated on either device. Should there still be anything lit; you will need to remove the battery from the hatch door at either the bottom or side of the device. (Not all models have this feature)

  3. 3: Wait 5 Minutes, giving your Internet Devices time to cool down.

  4. 4: Reconnect the Modem first and wait 30 Seconds.

  5. 5: Reconnect the Router next and wait 30 Seconds.

  6. 6: Open a web page on your computer to verify that you are back online.

  7. 7: Reboot your Device with Kodi and Enjoy!

This will not eliminate Buffering, but it will help to diminish it.

In Conclusion

So from what you have read, the answer is no, Buffering cannot be 100% preventable but it can be reduced significantly if you follow some of the steps above that apply to your situation. For more helpful articles, please click here.

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