How to disable your activity status in Instagram on Android

Recently, Instagram which is owned by facebook has silently begun rolling out an update that lets your follows that you follow back to see the last time you opened up the social media application. Now whilst some people may like this feature others may hate it especially as it helps stalkers know when you were last active. Thankfully, there’s an option in the app’s settings that lets you disable your activity status and we show you how to do this on your Android phone:

Tap on your avatar to be taken to your profile. Then, find the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the interface to be brought to the Options menu.

Instagram’s Options menu is long and can be confusing with the number of different menu items. The easiest way to locate the option to disable the activity status is to scroll down until you find the grouping of items that have a toggle next to them. Toggle Show Activity Status off.

To turn this off on iOS click here.