How to downgrade from iOS 9

It is important to note that downgrading from your current version of iOS is only possible whilst Apple is still signing the older version of iOS firmware, once that signing window is closed then downgrading will not be possible. It is also worth noting that you can only downgrade to iOS 8.4.1 which does not have a jailbreak.

Before any attempts of downgrading are made make sure you backup your data like Photos and stuff to iCloud or locally to your PC before note that full Backup option available in iTunes and iCloud won’t work if you try to restore a backup made from a newer firmware onto an older version.

Step 1 Download the older version of iOS 8 firmware file for your device.

Step 2: Start iTunes, head to the device’s

Step 3: Now hold down the padding: Option / Alt key on your Mac’s keyboard, or Shift key if you are on Windows, and click the Restore iPhone button.

Step 4: You will now be prompted to browse and select the IOS ipw file you downloaded earlier

Step 5: Select and open the file, which should begin the downgrading / restoring to iOS process.