How to enable Echo to Echo calling in the UK on iOS

Amazon is currently one of the hottest smart home providers with both the Amazzon Echo and Echo Dot, this year they announced Echo to Echo calling in the USA, and are currently trying to stay ahead of the competition from companies such as Google and the Google Home, and soon the homePod from Apple.

Unfortunately Google has stepped up their game by offering calling from the Google Home to Landline numbers in the USA, unfortunately both companies have ignored UK users in the process leaving them ripe for the picking. UK users however can overcome these barriers with a sneaky work around however it’s not without it’s headaches.

Users may find that the following method may break any smart home rules they currently have setup and will require you to re-set them up at the end, if you are happy to continue simply follow the guide below:

You’ll need a US iTunes account to download the Amazon Alexa app from the US iTunes store, you can create a US iTunes account using the guide here. Or you can change your Amazon location using the guide here and then simply log out and back in on your Alexa app.

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Once signed out, you can sign back in. You should now be prompted to setup Alexa Calling & Messaging, if you are not prompted you should see a phone icon in your Alexa App. You’ll now be able to verify your phone number with an SMS code which Amazon will send the confirmation code to any International Number and then you can enable Alexa Calling.

Once You have setup calling to calling make sure you remove the fake address and revert your account back to your correct one to make sure there are no errors, and still enjoy echo to echo calling or drop in features.