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Lyrics in Kodi ?

Enabling Lyrics in your version of Kodi is easier than you think. In our latest installment of Tasso’s Tips © ®, we’ll show how you can play your personal music files as well as enabling lyrics for each song. As a result, you will have made your very own Karaoke machine but keep in mind, the CU LRC Lyrics default add-on depends on data it receives from other scrapers. These lyric scrapers rely on the correct data entered by someone else. There may be mistakes, we are only human right, but I have yet to see any myself.

If you have a clean 17 install, you will have to enable unknown sources first.

  1. Click Settings (cog)

  2. Choose System Settings

  3. Select Add-ons

  4. Toggle Unknown Sources

  5. A warning pop-up will appear

“Add-ons will be given access to personal data stored on this device. By allowing, you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of data, unwanted behaviour, or damage to your device. Proceed?”

This is your choice, if you wish to install 3rd Party add-ons you must agree. Because this add-on is part of the Kodi Add-on default family, it is perfectly safe to use.

Installing Your Music Files

Before we show how to get lyrics in kodi, you’ll need to know how to get your personal music files setup. This was done on Krypton 17.6 using a PC with Windows in order to create any screenshots new/old for Tasso’s Tips.


From the Kodi Home page, select Music.

  1. In Photo A, after selecting Music, you will need to click on Files.

  2. Photo B shows Add music… Select to continue please.

Music File Location

Because everyone has their Music stored in different areas and formats, yours may appear different than what is shown next.


After selecting Add music, the next screen you will see (Photo A) will ask you to enter the path to your music.

  1. Select Browse to locate the folder where you have your Music stored.

  2. In Photo B, you will notice I have selected M: an External HD. You may have yours on a Flash drive or even located locally. No matter where you have it, select that location.

  3. As always, click on OK before continuing or all of your work so far will be for nothing.

  1. Photo A – Indicates the location of my music and it just happens to be named “All my Music”. ( how original huh?)

  2. # 2 reads All my Music as the name for my media source. Kodi needs to know where to search for these files. This was added automatically, so there should be need to enter anything else on your part.

  3. Select OK.

  4. Photo B – You will then be asked if you wish to add the media to your library, Select YES.


Consequently, your music files/ media information will now be installed as shown in the top right corner in the photo above. To save a bit of time, I skipped ahead here slightly. Once the files are installed, I selected All my Music. This opened my Music Library where I randomly chose “Ants Marching In” by The Dave Mathews Band as you will see in the next section.

Enabling Lyrics in Music Player


As a result of adding Music files to my Library, you will notice when Music (#1.) is selected there list has now changed rather drastically. #2 indicates that Ants Marching In is indeed playing at the time. But how do I open the player? In the top left corner, you will now see a new icon (3.) that wasn’t there before. Click on that icon to open the Default Player in Kodi.


In the photo above there are two groups of controls A is you standard Previous-Pause-Play-Next icons that everyone is familiar with, all self explanatory. Group B are different from what you are used to:

  1. Star – Allows you to Rate your music, this can be used for grouping your favorite tunes by 1,2,3 etc. stars.

  2. Single Arrow – This is the Repeat icon, there are 3 options, Off as shown above. All or One, the currently playing file.

  3. Double Arrow – Random play, does exactly as stated.

  4. Lyrics – Will explain this in more detail next.

  5. Cog – This will open the Lyrics Settings. More later on.

Lyric Add-on


To enable Lyrics, select the Lyric Icon (#4 previous photo). In Photo A you will see there is nothing available. Select Get more… to proceed. The next screen (Photo B) will give you one (1) option, there is only one available so there’s not much of a choice is there. Select to continue. There will be a brief wait as the default Add-on is installed. At this point, because Kodi needs to reboot to enable the add-on, power down Kodi before continuing.


Rather than boring you with the same method of opening a music file, the above photo is what you will see after starting a music file. Because there are more than one possible links to the lyrics of the selected file, the add-on has scanned to see what version I have. The link will be highlighted in Blue.

  1. Photo A – The red arrow indicates the next line while the line above is being heard at the moment. Again, this line will be highlighted in Blue.

  2. Photo B – Is a continuation of the same song, showing the next line that will be sung. This comes in handy especially when having a Party and you’ve decided to use your Kodi as a Karaoke Machine. Instead of following a bouncing ball, you just have to read the next line. Before you ask, no , I don’t know if the colour can be changed. But I will certainly investigate this for you and update as needed.

Lyrics Settings


Finally, Settings. There really are only two (2) areas in settings to worry about. The first is Display lyrics automatically. If you don’t mind having lyrics show automatically then leave this setting as is. If you wish to enable lyrics only when you feel like it, simply click to disable. At any time, if you wish to see the lyrics of song playing, select the Lyric Icon (#4 previous photo) and the add-on will search for the lyrics for that song only. Personal choice really.


The Second setting you may need (I have not encountered this issue…yet) is adjusting the Sync or time offset of the Lyrics. Add or Subtract as needed by moving the indicator left or right. This may take some patience to get it right, but as I stated, it has yet to happen to me or anyone else that I know who uses it.

In Conclusion

I hope you have enjoyed reading Tasso’s Tips© ® on Lyrics. There are so many other amazing uses that Kodi has other than viewing Movies and TV Shows. We will touch on some of these in future installments of Tasso’s Tips© ® soon. For more great blogs and information on a wide variety of topics, please click Here.

Originally published 01-04-2016.

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