How to enable Night Mode on the Google Home

Since buying my Google Home at Christmas I’ve been playing around with the settings and so far my favourite feature is the ability to automatically change the response volume.

If you were blasting music earlier in the day then issue w command late in the night you certainly don’t want a loud “OK!” . Google has added a “Night Mode” which you can choose a time period for which you would like the night mode to be in effect. You can choose how bright you want the LED display be and the maximum volume.

To access this feature

  1. Launch the Home app then hit the menu buttons

  1. Choose Devices

  2. Then press the three dots on you device

  1. Tap settings

  2. Scroll down and tap Night Mode

  1. Click Enable Night Mode

  2. Now setup Night Mode to your preference

  1. Tap save

You can now enjoy your device at a enjoyable level at night.