How to enable notifications on YouTube

With YouTube’s update version 10.28 comes a few improvements one of which is the ability to get notifications from people you follow when they upload new content.

To enable this feature simply follow these steps.

Step 1: Open to the channel page of the person you want to receive notifications from

Step 2: If you haven’t already subscribed tap the subscribe button.

Step 3: Tap the bell icon which will enable notifications whenever we post a new video.

Step 4: If you haven’t enabled notifications for the YouTube app previously, you will be prompted to go into the app’s settings to do so.

Step 5: You’ll then see the app’s confirmation pop-up and the iOS notification confirmation pop-up.

Step 6: Once notifications are enabled, tap the bell icon again and you will see a notification at the bottom of the screen confirming your choice.

After you enable notifications, you will receive a push alert whenever that channel post a new video.