How to Factory reset HomePod using the Home app

Even with the HomePod just being released it’s always good to know what to do if:

  1. The HomePod isn’t responding after a restart

  2. You want to reset HomePod to factory settings

  3. You need to send HomePod in for service

  4. You want to sell or giveaway your HomePod

Reseting the HomePod is easily done via the Home App

  1. Open the Home app and make sure your iOS device is signed in with the same Apple ID used to setup your HomePod.

  2. In the “Home” or “Rooms” tab, find your HomePod and press and hold

  3. Choose “Details”

  4. Scroll to the bottom and tap “Remove Accessory”

After you do this, HomePod will take several minutes to restart and erase itself, after which you can begin the pairing process as normal. If this fails you can try resetting directly on the HomePod and if that doesn’t fix your problems, your next step is taking the device to your local Apple Store