How to fix cannot connect to cloud 

After giving up my iPhone in preparation for the iPhone 8 I dug out my old iPod so I could still use I Message and all my apps.

Using the iPod was fine until it came to using the free WiFi in work. The WiFi is powered by Sky and the service is called cloud. When you conmect to the cloud users have to sign in wither with the sky app or using safari.

My device was able to pick up the cloud in the WiFi settings however, when I try to use any WiFi features such as appstore safari etc nothing would work. After some research I found that I am not the first to come across this issue and there are literally hundreds of forums where users have this issue.

I’ve never been one to give up easily when it comes to issues faced in technology and so I’ve spent days trying to find a fix for the issue and finally I’ve found one and I have laid the steps out below:

You are now connected and good to go enjoy.