How to Fix the Windows 10 Wifi issue

As more and more people migrate to windows 10 bugs are being reported which is natural with a new release one of those bugs is to do with wifi connectivity or lack of.

The bug appears to affect those who upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 that use a VPN.

Microsoft is certain that piece of software is what is causing the issue on Windows 10, and no amount of reboots or safe-mode investigations will fix the problem at hand.

Here’s how you can fix all that and get Wi-Fi working again in Windows 10 in four easy steps.

Step 1 To begin, launch Command Prompt as Admin. To do this, simply right click the Start button and select Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu.

Step 2 Enter the following command and hit the Enter key: reg delete HKCR\CLSID\{988248f3-a1ad-49bf-9170-676cbbc36ba3} /va /f

Step 3 Now enter this command, and press Enter once more: netcfg -v -u dni_dne

Step 4 Restart your computer and check back with your Wi-Fi settings. All networks around you should now be visible and you should be able to connect to them easily.