How to get 2for1 Movies free for a year

A glitch on Meerkat movies currently means you can get their 2for1 movies offer without making a purchase.

Normally users need to purchase a product such as Car insurance, house insurance or travel insurance through compare the market then provide your policy information to meerkat to get their deal.

Currently if you click on travel insurance and select the options and get a quote the. Simply click through the link as if you are going to buy some insurance. Make sure you add your email address because you need to sign up.

Once you have your log in details, go to the main site again and click on rewards.

Just add the travel company name but you don’t need to actually enter the policy number because you can click claim without and it will be accepted.

There you go. You have 1 Year Meerkat of 2 For 1 Rewards (Meals and Movies ) for FREE