How to get China’s fitness challenge

This year is Apple’s first China-exclusive activity badge is for National Fitness Day, August 8th.

As spotted by Kyle Seth Gray on Twitter, Apple Watch users will get an exclusive reward badge in the Activity app for completing a workout of 30 minutes or longer on August 8th. The workout can be of any sort.

August 8 is the perfect day to be active. Earn this award by recording a workout of 30 minutes or more with your Apple Watch on National Fitness Day.

Users can get this reward by setting their region to China by going to watch app:

  1. General

  2. Language & Region

  3. Select region > China

  4. The watch will then set the language

Previous challanges Apple have offered have been the WWDC18 challenge, Earth Day 2017/2018, International Women’s Day, Heart Month, Ring in the New Year 2017/2018, Thanksgiving 2017/2018, Veterans Day, National Park 2017 and Mother’s Day 2017 challlenge.

Let us know in the comments below if you have managed to obtain all the one off challenges yet.