How to get menus using activator

We came across a guide on Reddit today about getting menus to work using activator, this is a good guide and cuts the needs for some tweaks which will give you some more space.

Step 1: Open Activator and tap on Menus. It should be the 4th down from the top.

Step 2 Tap Add New Menu, title it, and hit add. It will pop up above Add New Menu.

Step 3 Tap on your new menu to open it. Tap Add Actions to add options you want included. For example, If you want to add music apps, scroll all the way to the bottom to System Applications and User Applications. You can only select one app, or action, at a time.

Step 4 Once selected (has a check mark), hit the back arrow in the top left corner of the screen with the name of your menu next to it. (If you want multiple apps, tap Add Action and follow the same steps for each app.) Use the three bars on the right side of the app to rearrange apps in the menu, just like stock iOS. Use Preview Menu to check it out.

Step 5 Once you get the menu created, go back to Activator’s main menu and select where you want this menu to be opened from and theb select the way you want to activate it.

Step 6 Once you’ve selected your activation method, scroll down about 1/4 of the way, and you’ll see a new Menus option. Select your menu from there and you’re good to go.