How to get Messenger working on the Apple Watch

Messenger on the Apple Watch is a handy tool when it works however for some time now people have been faced with a white spinning wheel every time they try to launch it on the Apple Watch.

We have seen several work arounds that seem to work for some but not others and today we have a new Work around:

– Remove messenger from the Apple Watch and remove it from multitasking on the iPhone.

– Re-install messenger on the Apple Watch.

– Launch messenger on the iPhone only and configure the Apple Watch quick reply’s.

– Close messenger on the iPhone and remove from multitasking.

– Open the Messenger app on Watch and as it loads Open messenger on iPhone at the same time.

– Keep your iPhone as close to the watch as possible.

Messenger should now work

Credit to Daymon Minton and Anupam Padmanabhan on Facebook for the work arounds.