How to get notified when your local Apple Store gets AirPods in stock with @airpodsalerts

Apple has been accused of constraining supplies of their products to promote demand for years, whether or not this is the case it certainly works. AirPods is Apple’s most sought after product and most people face a six week waiting time for orders, however when we were searching for. pair our friend pwned24k shared a little secret, AirPods in stock is a website that notifies you when an Apple Store gets supplies in.

Users can sign up to be notified here, you don’t have to worry about being spammed either as once they send you a notification you are removed from the list and if you didn’t get your hands on them that time you can simply sign up again, the service is free and does have some paid options. We received notification within a few hours of signing up and we had plenty of time to order online to pick up in-store, the site also has a twitter handle which tweets regular updates as well which you can follow here.

Let us know if you manage to snag a pair using this service.