How to install apps on iOS with Cydia impactor

So we held off this guide for some time but decided to finally post it, Cydia impactor is a tool by Suarik to jailbreak your idevice with the latest Pangu tool, however it also works at side loading apps, now the positive about this tool is that it works on iOS 9.3.5 but the downside to using it is that Apple can revoke the iTunes account that is linked to it.

1, create an iTunes account

2, download Cydia impactor from here.

3, download the iPA you want to install, there are plenty available here.

4, Sign out of the AppStore and sign in using the burner one.

5, Open Cydia impactor and drag and drop the iPA onto the tool, it will ask you for your iTunes username input your burner one then click OK then insert the password and click OK.

6, Follow any prompts then go to settings, general, profiles then click on the new profile and trust.

7, Sign out of AppStore and back into your normal iTunes account.

Your all set to use the app you have side loaded.