How to install iOS 13 Beta using a Mac

Since Apple announced iOS 13 many people have been looking to install it on their devices, currently installing the beta requires either a Mac or PC.

*Users should to be a registered developer If you are looking to install iOS 13 remember it is a Beta and so it will have bugs. If you are still looking to download and install the beta follow our guide below. Public beta testers can sign up here for access in July.

Before any attempts of downgrading are made make sure you backup your data like Photos and stuff to iCloud or locally to your PC before proceeding, note that full Backup option available in iTunes and iCloud won’t work if you try to restore a backup made from a newer firmware onto an older version. If you would rather a video guide take a look at our Youtube video below.

Step 1

Download the current version of iOS 13 Beta IPSW directly onto your computer.

Step 2:

Download and install iTunes on your Mac, also install Mobile Device

Step 3:

Connect your device to the computer, disable find my iPhone.

Step 4:

If a “Trust This Computer” pop-up shows on your device’ screen, select “Trust”.

Step 5:

Once your device appears on the iTunes screen, press & hold the Options (alt) key and click the “Check for Update” button in iTunes to select the IPSW firmware file.

Step 6:

Navigate to the folder where you saved the IPSW firmware file for your device and select it.

Step 7:

Hit the “Update” button to continue. iTunes will then start the update process by first extracting the Firmware Image file. You can monitor the progress through the top bar on the iTunes screen.

Step 8:

When asked for a passcode, pick up your iPhone and “Enter your Passcode” while keeping it connected to the Mac.

Step 9:

Once the iTunes part is done, your phone will reboot and continue the installation. You’ll see the Apple logo with a progress bar on your phone’s screen.

Once complete you will now have your device on iOS 13 Beta.