How to jailbreak iOS 9.0-9.0.2

Earlier today Pangu released the iOS 9 jailbreak for Windows, if you have a Mac you will need to use a virtual machine.

We recommend using VMWare which offers a free trial period. Once you are ready you can download the jailbreak tool from here. The Pangu tool will request to access your photo library so if you are not comfortable with this remove all photos first.

To jailbreak your iOS device simply follow the guide below or follow our YouTube Video

Step 1 Backup your device and connect it to your computer via USB, if you have updated OTA we always recommend a fresh restore.

Step 2 Disable Find My iPhone on your device by going to Settings, iCloud, Find My iPhone.

Step 3 Disable Passcode and Touch ID via Settings, Touch ID and Passcode.

Step 4 Enable Airplane mode via Control Center is tge fastest way.

Step 5 Start the Pangu jailbreak by clicking the Start button and when prompted click Already Backup.

Step 6 Your iPhone will reboot and Pangu will ask you to put your iPhone back into Airplane mode. Once you have done this, it will continue the jailbreak.

Step 7 The Pangu tool will request that you open the Pangu app on the iPhone’s Home screen.

Step 8 Once the Pangu app has finnished running, it will ask to you to allow access to your Photo Library. Tap the accept button on the Pangu screen to continue, then Tap the OK button on the “Pangu Would Like to Access Your Photos” pop-up box.

Step 9 Your iPhone will reboot again. Once you reboot, disable Airplane mode, and run the Cydia app.

Step 10 Go to settings,privacy, photos and remove pangu authorisation or remove the pangu app.

Congratulations, your iPhone is jailbroken.