How to load audiobooks to your iPhone Or iPad without a computer

These days there are many places that offer both paid and free audiobooks* and not everyone like to use Apple’s bookstore to purchase them.

Apple does a great job at letting you load audiobooks into the books app with a computer and iTunes if it doesn’t have DRM protection. However, if like me your trying to use an iPad without a computer this can seem impossible unless you use third party apps.

I searched the AppStore for several apps and couldn’t find one that was completely free and was good, most had in-app purchases for various features.

I decided to play around until I could find a solution that worked for me. Thankfully I found that podcasts apps are great for this work around. I currently enjoy OvercastOvercast for my podcasts and occasionally use Apple’s podcast app, however, this method should work on most if not all podcast apps.

For this work around you will need, a Dropbox account, a podcast app that allows you to add URL’s and roughly 10 minutes (depending on your upload speeds).

Go to Justcast and create a free account, this gives you access to 3 most recent podcast episodes, follow the guide below to setup your podcast feed.

– Once complete upload your audiobook to to the Dropbox folder that you created above.

– Now copy the new podcast url you have created.

– And the podcast url into the podcast app of your choice. If you use Apple’s podcast app you can will find this option here.

Wait a few moments for your podcast client to see the new “episode” it will then download and you have the book ready to go.

Whilst this isn’t the best option it does mean that you can always upload a new book ready to go until Apple makes a better solution.

*Please note we do not condone piracy of audiobooks, creators deserve the right to be paid for their work. The internet archive offers some great books freely of DRM protection and costs.