How to Screen-share in iMessage

If you are the Apple Expert amongst your family and friends, the likelihood are that when they get lost, they occasionally reach out to you for help. With the current pandemic you can’t just pop around and sort out the problem. This is fairly straightforward with TeamViewer, but using the Messages software in macOS is a simpler approach.

Make sure you and the person you are supporting are all logged in to iCloud in Messages > Preferences > iMessage. Open the app's new chat window, enter their contact information and launch the discussion. Choose Conversations > Ask to Share Screen from the menu bar to request remote access.

Their screen will appear in the Screen Sharing window on your Mac after they have approved your request, so you can see what's unfolding on their computer. Messages convert to a voice call to allow you to speak directly. You can take full charge of their computer if they still struggle with your assistance. At the top of the Screen Sharing pane, press the Control button. Now, you can move the pointer, open the settings, and more.

You can also pass files to the person to whom you are linked, either when you share the screen or only via messages. To do this, go to Conversations > Send File (å+ç+f) then choose the file to share.

We hope you find this guide useful and hopefully will help speed up the time you spend trying to access their machine.