How to set up voice profiles on the Amazon Echo in the US

Amazon introduced a new feature to it’s Alexa products, Voice profiles which will make using your echo more personal. Some benefits of this are if you tell Alexa to play music and it recognizes your voice, the music will be tailored to your preferences. If someone else from the household asks for music, the music will be based on their taste in music. To teach your voice to Alexa:

– Open the Amazon Alexa app on Android or iOS, or go to in a browser. – Tap the hamburger button in the top left to expand the menu and select Settings. – Under Accounts, tap Your Voice then Tap Begin. – Tap the drop-down menu and select the nearest Alexa speaker and tap Done, followed by Next. – Mute any other nearby Alexa speakers. – Speak the 10 phrases to Alexa and tap Next after each one. – When you’re finished, give Alexa some time to finish learning your voice.

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You will need to do this for each person in your household account. Alexa will then automatically recognize you when you speak. To test it out, you can say, “Alexa, who am I?” It will tell you who it thinks you are, as well as which account you’re currently using. Once you create a voice profile, Alexa will speak personalized results to you, Voice profiles work for calling, messaging, music, voice shopping, and Flash Briefing.

The first time you try to purchase something using Alexa with a voice profile setup, you will be asked to speak your voice code. After that, so long as Alexa recognizes your voice, you won’t be asked to say the code to complete your purchase.

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