How to setup HomePod using HomeKit

With preorders of the HomePod starting tomorrow we look at how to setup the HomePod using your iPhone. Thanks to iOS 11 setting up a HomePod is similar to setting up a new Apple TV or a pair of AirPods, if your HomePod is joining your HomeKit-enabled home, setup is mostly the same, but with a couple of extra steps.

• Hold your iPhone or iPad close to your HomePod.

• Tap Set Up.

• Wait for HomePod to emit a special pairing tone, or enter the four-digit passcode that Siri speaks to you. This will complete the initial pairing process.

• Select the HomeKit home you’re setting up your HomePod in if you have multiple HomeKit homes.

• Tap Continue.

• Select which room of your home the HomePod is in.

• Tap Contine.

• Choose the language that you’ll use Siri in.

• Tap Continue.

• Tap Agree to agree to the terms and conditions.

• Tap Transfer Settings to use your iCloud account, Wi-Fi, and other applicable settings from your iPhone to configure your HomePod.

If you want to setup just using your iPhone or iPad without HomeKit you can follow our guide here.