How to setup Ikea Tradfri with HomeKit

We have been running a smart home for around two years and I currently rock Philips Hue for my lights and I use both HomeKit and Google Assistant to control these lights.

The Downside

The Downside to running Philips Hue is that the hub and bulbs are rather expensive and I was fortunate to grab all of mine in Boxing Day sales.

Why Tradfri

The reason I went for Ikea Tradfri was that it costs a lot less and works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and HomeKit. I was able to get a hub, bulb, gateway and a switch for less than the Hue deals.

The downside to Tradfri

Tradfri is friendlier on your pocket however, the process app can be time-consuming as it randomly throws up errors which fix itself upon retrying. Our Video below shows the setup process and how to sync it with HomeKit.