How to share your location between iOS and Android

These days most smartphones either run on an Android or an iOS version. Sharing your location on either of these is usually straight forward by either using an app or baked right in on the hardware. Since both of these operating systems are entirely different, it can sometimes become tough to share location between iPhone and Android.

Thankfully there are a few apps that do this, we look at a freemium app that let’s you share your location with contacts that you choose. Life 360 lets you do just this but also let’s you create circles (groups) so you can find contacts easily.

Life 360 is Free but also has a premium model as well which you can opt into if you would like to have access to:

-Receive 30 days of history -Unlimited place alerts -Local crime alerts (US only) – Cost $2.99/mo, 24.99/yr

Life 360 also offers Driver Protect which gives you all the features of Plus, as well as: -Driving analysis -24/7 driver care support (US only) -Crash detection (US only) – Cost (US) – 7.99/mo, 69.99/yr. (Non-US) – $4.99/mo, $49.99/yr.

All Driver Protect and Plus subscriptions have a free 7 day trial.

After installing Life 360 on my iPhone 8+ I also installed it on a relatives Android phone and was able to setup the sharing within just a few minutes. Using the app is easy and straight forward and just works.