iconizer review and #GeekscornerGiveaway

Iconizer is one of those tweaks that every jailbreaker who likes to customise their device should have, this is not a one trick pony but an all-in-one tweak which gives you total control over the icons on your springboard.


Once installed Iconizerallows you to customise the appearance of your springboard icons without the need to modify any system files, it’s easy and straight forward to do.

– Position

– Size

– Color

– Opacity

– Rotation

Now if that wasn’t enough you can also modify the icons by adding Glow, border and much much more infact you can use one of 10 predefined masks to your icon but if that isnt your taste you can add your own custom masks to the icons.

This tweak allows you to rally adjust the finer details, if you dont like your icons to look specific way then you can set them to the random function to randomise the values. In the words of the developer “The only limit is your imagination.”

Now if you dont like using themeing software then your in luck as Iconizer does not require any, this tweak works on all iOS devices with iOS 9.0+ this amazing tweak is a reasonable $1.99 and we have 10 copies to giveaway to enter simply comment your username and cydia ID in the comments below. This Giveaway ends 8pm Sunday (uk time).

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