iHeartRadio releases new Apple Watch app

iHeartRadio has released an update to their Apple Watch app. In this update iHeartRadio Apple Watch app operates as both a standalone watch app and a controller app.

Users will find features like Search, Recently Played, Your Library (Your Stations, Your Podcasts, Your Playlists), Add to Playlist and Apple Watch complications, according to an iHeart spokesperson.

The Apple Watch app lets you quickly switch between audio content with just a tap of your wrist. This means you can choose to play audio from the watch while you jog, instead of having to keep your phone with you as well. It will sync all of the songs, playlists and podcasts you save with the iPhone version, too.

This update puts another nail in the coffin for Spotify who continues to blame Apple for not having a standalone watch app despite other companies doing this. Users can download iHeartRadio here.