iMesh hacked and 50m user details leaked

iMesh has already hit headlines when way back in September 2003, the RIAA said that the file-sharing site was breaking the law.


This type of technology was still fairly new and the owners claimed that it wasnt breaking any laws however they reached a deal with the RIAA of more than $4m in compensation and continuing business as normal, the story didn’t end there as the RIAA agreed a new license and iMesh released a new client that carried a new filtering technology provided by “Audible Magic”.

This release had the sole aim of stopping infringement on the networkand most people were convinced that the RIAA had access to vast amounts of iMesh user data.


However it seems that others wanted access to this data as well as the sudden disappearance of iMesh in recent weeks, is reporting that it has obtained an iMesh database containing 51,310,759 user records, “Each record contains an email address, a username, one password, an IP address, a Country location and a join date,” the site says. The breach, which appears to have taken place in September 2013, lists users from 55 countries participating on iMesh. With 13.7m users, the United States was by far the most popular country.

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