Initial hands on review of the Google Pixel 3

Here at Geekscorner I’ve always been a loyal Apple fan but one thing for certain is Apple cannot be king of the mobile phone forever, Apple is pushing hard on their services revenue because even they know the iPhone cannot be their only money maker forever.

Over the past few years we have seen smart phones get better and better and the price tag for these are all on the rise. Three years ago Google announced the pixel phones and even though their keynote held a lot to be desired I remember saying that this phone is something to keep an eye on.

Fast forward one year and the pixel 2 came with an OLED display and whilst it definitely had some issues Google extended their warranty, apart from that the pixel 2 had some great features.

This year the Pixel 3 was announced and instantly I knew it was a phone I had to get my hands on to try out. My wife has had an iPhone ever since I first bought her an iPhone 4 in 2010 and she was looking for a change, this gave us the perfect excuse to order the pixel 3.

Now unfortunately our order hasn’t arrived yet however a local store had it on display yesterday along with some other google products and I was able to give it a quick go. Now this hands on was only for a short period and is by no means a full review.

The pixel I tested was the small version so I couldn’t comment on the notch but it felt nice to hold even though it was covered with security tags and cables. The menu was easy to navigate and the camera was absolutely amazing considering it’s a single lens and software for the portrait mode. Unfortunately the display models wouldn’t allow be to transfer my images to another phone so we will be doing a full hands on of it when ours arrives.

Obviously I couldn’t test features such as battery performance but from the brief time I got to use this model I was impressed. Now I know Apple is working on their software for latest models but I think they have a lot of catching up to do.

You can expect a full review of the pixel 3 as soon as our arrives.