Interview with CyGiveaway

When CyGiveaway first came on the scene it seemed like a dream come true for users to get cydia tweaks and even signing services for free however, the joy was short lived as it turned out the account was run by a well known fraudster and the alarm bells were sounded all over Twitter and Reddit.


On January 5th the account tweeted that it had been taken over by another user with the twitter name @rubenwgs, the account of @rubenwgs also tweeted to confirm that he had in fact purchased the account from the fraudster for under $15. Many users had questions and some were still skeptical even after several successful giveaway’s and confirmation from credible sources.


1. Q. This account was originally run by a fraudster why did you decide to line their pockets more by buying the account rather than just creating a new free account and building up followers

A. I bought the account because I saw it as a possibility to give the community what they want. The account had a solid base of around 500 followers which, I supposed, were all or mostly following the account because of giveaways (which they didn’t really receive in the past on that account). I wouldn’t say that I lined the fraudsters pocket by buying the account, because you really can’t buy much with less than 15$ 😉 In general I’d say that is really difficult to build up an account from zero in this topic. I’m 16 years old and I don’t have the money to buy the tweaks/themes to give them away, which means that I need the support of the designers and devs itself so that they sponsor the giveaway. And that, I believe, is difficult if your account has zero or very few followers. So it was much easier to buy the account and just “rebuild” the rating of the account.

2. Q. Do you often get hassle from people since you have taken over this account

A. Not really. Only he first day (including the first giveaway) was difficult. As some of you may have seen I got some “hassle” on reddit because most of the people thought that I still am the previous owner but with an other account. But I’m sure I convinced most of the people that this account is (now) real and not a fake account anymore.

3. Q. What are your plans for the near future with this account

A. The future plans are really simple. More giveaways. It may sound easy, but I can promise that it isn’t. It takes a lot of time to write with themer’s and developers to find partners for giveaways. Also you have to keep in mind when you want to start a giveaway and when you wanted to end it. Then you have to announce the winners and probably the most “difficult” part is to wait for their Cydia IDs and give them to the dev (because there are people who send them immediately and some that don’t answer for 2 days…). But I really try to keep it up. I hope I’ll find more and more devs and themer’s that are willing to cooperate with me so that I can go on giving away cool tweaks and themes on my account!

4. Q. Open section to tell our readers a bit about yourself

A. I’m a 16 years old guy coming from Switzerland. I’m into jailbreaking since iOS 5 (redsn0w) and own an iPhone 6s which is (unfortunately) on iOS 9.2. Beside the jailbreak stuff I like to take photographs which you’ll find on my website and listen to music from K.A.A.N, Russ, G-Eazy and Kygo.

This concluded our interview and we left feeling more at ease with this account and wish them the very best for their future endeavours, has this rebuilt your confidence in CyGiveaway let us know what you think in the comments below