iOS 10.2 News & Jailbreak information

Apple has released iOS 10.2 to the public and have successfully patched several vulnarabilities, Many Jailbreak sources have advised anyone looking for a potential jailbreak should avoid the latest update. Staying on on the oldest possible firmware has always been reccomended however with iOS 10.2 one patch in particular was intresting “iOS 10.2 CVE-2016-7626 Opening a maliciously crafted certificate (certificate profiles.) may lead to arbitrary code execution”.

The full list of patches are listed here, needless to say if you are already jailbroken or on a jailbreakable firmware stay where you are. Apple has also released watchOS 3.1.1 and iOS 10.1 for the Apple TV 4. In a surprise move Apple also released iOS 8.4.2 for the Apple TV 3.

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