Things I wish Apple would copy from Google for iOS 15

I have been using a Google Pixel 5 since it’s launch in October 2020 and since then I have provided videos on the pros of using the Android device. Despite using an Android phone as my daily driver I remain heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem.

In this article we look at some features that I hope Apple will copy from Google in iOS 15. I have previously covered how in some ways Google was more advanced in some of its features on the iPhone over Apple where you could previously use the google assistant to turn on the flash light when Siri could not (thankfully Apple fixed this).

  1. Closed Captions, Google has a closed captions feature which allows you to watch content without sound and read in real time what is being said, all of this happens on device and is not sent to the cloud so keeps you anonymous which is something Apple would be fantastic at offering given their stance on Privacy.

  2. Swipe features on the pixel buds, having used both Airpods and Pixel buds I really hope that Apple copies Google’s swipe gestures. This is such a handy feature which means you don't have to use your voice if you're in a busy environment and also means you do not have to tap or squeeze the buds.

  3. Corner swipe for Assistant, on the Pixel 5 you can swipe up on the bottom right of the screen to invoke the Google assistant where on the iPhone you have to long press the power button.

  4. Do Not Disturb allowance for text messages. On the pixel you can not only choose to have contacts call you and bypass Do Not Disturb but also text messages from those same contacts can also bypass Do Not Disturb.

  5. Screen recording audio bypasses the microphone. One feature I discovered extremely useful was the ability to screen record and choose where you want the audio recorder from including Microphone, device audio or both.

  6. Monthly security updates. When i first received the monthly security update from Google I didn't appreciate how convenient it was compared to how long we have to wait as Apple tends to roll in security patches after several beta testing cycles.

This is a small list but I currently love the progress that Apple has made in the last few years with each major iOS update and by including the above I honestly think that this will push the operating system further forward. Let us know if you have any features you would like Apple to include in iOS 15.