iOS 15 Wishlist

With WWDC on the horizon Apple will be unveiling iOS 15 to the public, we asked you what features you would like to see and here is what you said:

  • An app draw like in Android instead of the current app library

  • More freedom to customise the UI.

  • Nested folders

  • The ability to place widgets anywhere on the screen on both iPhone and iPad

  • The ability to edit in iMessage after a message has been sent

  • A new Icon redesign more reminiscent of the iOS 6 days

  • Colorizing text messages and background however we choose

  • The ability to theme the message conversations individually

  • More accurate battery “health” including heath for iPad

  • Always On Display

  • Turning off Wifi and Bluetooth from control centre not just disabing

  • Multitasking and split screen

  • Ability to schedule messages

  • More interactive widgets

  • Schedule Messages

  • To be able to interact with widgets without it going into the app

  • File/folder management for notes so it’s more like Evernote

  • Improvements for mail across all their platforms

  • Ability to clear app cache easily

  • Reverse wireless charging

  • Easier Contact management

  • Smarter Siri

Interestingly a lot of these features are available on Android so a cross between Android’s freedom with Apple’s smooth iOS and security seems to be what users truly want. Thankfully there’s less than a week to go until we finally see what Apple has planned.