Jail breakers won’t get to use Apple Card

We mentioned in a previous article that Goldman Sachs’ had published the customer agreement for the Apple Card online.

Interestingly they note that Jailbreakers won’t have access to the new card.

“If you make unauthorized modifications to your Eligible Device, such as by disabling hardware or software controls (for example, through a process sometimes referred to as “jailbreaking”), your Eligible Device may no longer be eligible to access or manage your Account. You acknowledge that use of a modified Eligible Device in connection with your Account is expressly prohibited, constitutes a violation of this Agreement, and could result in our denying or limiting your access to or closing your Account as well as any other remedies available to us under this Agreement.”

This isn’t the first time Apple has tried to make things difficult for Jailbreakers and certainly isn’t the first time a Banking institute has disabled features for Jailbreakers but it is the first time they have threatened to terminate an account.