Jail breaking is it safe? Is it Legal?

Many people have heard about jail breaking for iPhones but many are afraid to do so because they don’t know how to and don’t want to brick their phone, others are afraid of possible Legal consequences.

We aim to cover this in our section. 1. Is it Legal? The law states that owners can jailbreak their phone as it is their personal possession however Apple will not be obligated to repair a jailbroken iPhone under their manufacturers warranty. However any apps downloaded illegally (pirated) is still illegal and in my opinion morally wrong as the developers have spent a lot of time and effort creating the apps and deserve to be paid for their work

2. Is it safe? There are several jailbreak program’s available depending on which software you are running on your jailbreak but all are pretty straightforward and online tutorial videos can usually be found on twitter or YouTube. Just like driving is completely safe you can still have an accident the same can be said about jail breaking. If you do jailbreak and use tweaks be careful as some can cause issues so always read the comparability section before installing. Article by st3vedurb1n

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