Linkedln hacked again exposing 93% of customers data

In April, the information of over 500 million LinkedIn users was leaked on a hacker forum. LinkedIn was found to have been breached yet again on June 22. Another hacker exposed and sold the personal information of over 700 million users this time. According to the hacker, the stolen database contains personal information for 700 million LinkedIn users. According to LinkedIn's most recent website, the company has 756 million users. The hacker posted a sample of 1 million users' data; upon further investigation, RestorePrivacy discovered that the following information was exposed from users: Email Addresses Full names Phone numbers Physical addresses Geolocation records LinkedIn username and profile URL Personal and professional experience/background Genders Other social media accounts and usernames The data was obtained, according to the hacker, through an exploit of the LinkedIn API. LinkedIn has yet to comment on the stolen user data or the breach