What is happening with Apple's product marketing

Apple has been renowned to have software that works so smoothly on their hardware that they support devices up to six years old, a lot of this success is down to departments communicating between each other.

In recent events Apple seems to be slipping in the communication from with their current iMac's support a slightly improved camera which still only supports 1080p yet the latest M1 iPad Pro has a 12mp camera which is extra wide and and is able to move around more. The iMac camera software has been upgraded and may just be considered good enough for meetings but the decision itself still doesn't make much sense.

This week Apple announced high fidelity apple music which doesn't work with the new AirPods Max or AirPods Pro, it looks as though the departments are not working with each other.

If this trend continues it would seem that Apple will make some mistakes that could cost the trust of its users. Another possibility is that Apple plans on upgrading the codec of the AirPods Max which would use AirPlay for the Hi-fi Apple Music in the near future. Recently there was a firmware upgrade for the AirPods pro which didn't seem to make much difference, however given the fact that Tim Cook is giving his testimony in their fight with Epic. This move could be a power play by Apple that says they are providing users a choice to use Apple Music Hi-Fi with other products that support Hi-Fi whilst their existing products do not just like the Find My network offered third part trackers access before Apple unveiled AirTags.

There are two ways of looking at Apple's marketing, first the company is marketing products and services that their departments do not communicate with each other at the cost to users, or this is a clever ploy in Apple's ongoing attempts to convince courts that they are not monopolistic and offers users more choice.