New Signal Group update and features

Today Signal is releasing a new version of Signal groups that gives you a richer private group experience with group admins, granular permissions, @mentions and more.

These features will be coming soon to your existing Signal groups in a future update, however, they are available immediately in newly created groups.

Admins and Permissions

Signal groups can now have admins, who can configure and manage the group with more control. Admins can remove members from groups and assign other members as admins. They can also manage certain group permissions, like restricting who can edit the group’s name and avatar, and who can add members to the group.


You can now get someone’s attention with @mentions in groups. You can mention anyone in a group message simply by typing “@” and selecting them from the picker. When someone mentions you, you can quickly jump to that message using a new button that appears when you open the chat. And you can configure the group’s notifications in Group Details to only notify you when you’re mentioned.